15-Minute Strategy – the Procrastinator’s Bible

27 Jan
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Break through procrastination

Many of my friends are super-organized. They seem to fly through their day and accomplish everything on their ‘to do’ list with ease. I was never like that for things on my own personal list, yet I always did manage everything that I had committed to other people.  Nowadays, however, I do get things done with relative ease and relatively little negative emotion while doing it. I even feel a sense of achievement when I look at the things I have ‘knocked down’ in my day… and it feels great!

So, what caused this amazing turn around in my ability to achieve and to get ‘stuff’ done? It sounds simple but it’s very effective – the Epiphanies 15-Minute Strategy

Why do we Procrastinate?

When I look at my regular friends, you know, the ones like me who struggle to get things done, I see some fairly common barriers in their way. Here’s what I see:

  1. The Mountain: We’ve procrastinated so long that we now have a huge list (or ‘mountain’) of things that have piled up on us. Seen all together, the mountain looks impossible and we feel defeated, even before we start. So, the answer is usually to sit back down, have a coffee (or a wine) and make another list. Not surprisingly, nothing changes.
  2. The Gremlin: Each and every thing on our list has lived with us for ages. We’ve looked at it before and we’ve put it from our minds as quickly as we can. Now, each of these tasks has taken on magical dimensions. We’ve built up fear of them and we can’t bear them peering at us with their beady little eyes… taunting us. We’d rather run away from the gremlins than face them.
  3. Perfectionism: We’ve lived with things in total disarray for so long that we’ve kind of got used to chaos. So, if we’re going to fix things this time, we’ve got to make it ‘right’. ‘No point in doing a half-baked job of fixing this’ we tell ourselves. Only trouble is that we somehow can’t see the way to make it perfect. What does perfection look like? What do we need to do? What order should we do it? It all seems too complex, so we sit down have a cup of coffee (or a wine) and think some more about it!
  4. Injustice: This has gone on so long that it now seems like this is our ‘lot’ in life. This is the life we deserve. So we resign ourselves to the fact that our lives will be chaos, that these things are meant to be and that we’re not the right people to fix things anyway. If only someone could come along and help us.

So now we have the perfect storm of how and why things simply don’t get done.  If we carry on in this mindset, they never will get done. Did you recognise any of them in your life?

It is possible to take back control, on our own terms. The Epiphanies 15-Minute Strategy has been developed specifically to help us get our lives back in order. It’s simple, straight forward, needs no planning, and includes that coffee (or a wine) when we feel like it.  It’s based on the principle that everything we hold in our head as a ‘to do’ is a drain on or mental and emotional energy. They sap our will to achieve and thrive. We’ll teach you how to take back control of the tasks and your life and regain a sense of achievement.

Here are a few of the principles of the Epiphanies 15-Minute Strategy

  • Anyone can do anything for 15 minutes. We’ll show you how to make things approachable
  • Get the tasks out of your head. That way, they won’t drain your energy or motivation: We’ll show you how to capture the tasks in a way that won’t demoralize you
  • Only tackle a task when you’re ready for it. Forget about the ‘logical’ sequence’ that you’ve decided is the ‘right’ way and only do the tasks you’re in the mood to do. We’ll show you a new way to prioritize
  • Stop, when you done enough. Set the time and pace of what tasks you’ll do.  Stop when you’ve done what you committed to do. It’s not quitting… it’s recognizing a job well done. We’ll show you how to give yourself permission to do ‘enough’ and to find the sense of achievement when you’ve done it

The Epiphanies 15-Minute Strategy  is a short programme that includes three coaching sessions, a structured workbook of how to operate 15 minutes at a time, phone support and regular encouragement sessions.

Why wait? Contact Epiphanies and take control of the ‘Mountain’ and the ‘Gremlins’. Or share this with your friends that might need some support.

It’s time to take control and get the life you want.

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