New Season: New Life

03 Mar
New Season: New Life  New Season: New Life Opposites 2 by R150

New Season: New Life

Is NOW the time to step back and make the commitment to getting the life you want?

For most of us around the world this weekend marked a change of  season. For some, it has been the change from Winter into Spring and a new sense of beginning, awakening and hope. For others, it’s the transition from Summer into Autumn and a sense of quieting down, inner reflection and harvesting the bounties that summer brought.

I know that here in Sydney, Australia, we seem to have had a non-stop whirlwind of Christmas & New Year, the Sydney Festival, days on the beach and now we’ve just had Mardi Gras. It’s been a huge party for the past few months.

No matter where you are, the change of season is the time perfect time to step back a little, to take stock and to decide how this time of change can be the springboard for your new life. Now is the perfect time to consider the Epiphanies Life Strategy Programme and to begin getting the life you want…

Call us today to discuss our Spring/Autumn tailored packages that fit the season perfectly.

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