Free Life Assessment Offer: Intervention

04 Mar
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Free 5Qs Life Assessment Offer

Free Life Assessment: eMail Failure & Manual Intervention

It has been brought to our attention that the auto response unit for the FREE 5Qs Life Assessment has failed to respond to some requests. Our technicians a attempting to fix the fault at present.

In the short-term, please email directly at to request the FREE 5Qs Life Assessment if you would like to participate. This offer is open to those that may have requested it already and to new requests.

The FREE 5Qs Life Assessment is a simple self-completion assessment sheet that rates your own satisfaction in the five key dimensions (or ‘Quotients’) of your well being; Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual. It is designed to give you snapshot of your life’s balance at a glance in a simple to view format. This offer is backed up with a confidential, commitment-free, consultation with an Epiphanies Coach to review the snapshot with you, should you wish to discuss the output in more depth.

So, don’t delay… eMail me, personally, at to take up this exciting FREE offer.

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