I Need a Career Epiphany.

07 Apr
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Career Epiphany or Smart Choices

“Seek Knowledge and, in its getting, gain Wisdom” (Socrates)

The other day, a friend told me that he needed a “Career Epiphany”. I simply smiled back at him.

On one hand, I was glad that he was beginning to take his career, and its place in his life, seriously. On the other hand, I wondered what he thought an ‘Epiphany’ was. I had to reassure him that Epiphanies would come, but that they’re not dispensed like packaged remedies from the ‘Ideas Pharmacy’.

I love the Socrates quote at the top of this page because it really captures the idea of ‘gaining’ wisdom. We can’t go out and look for wisdom and pick it up directly. Wisdom is something that emerges from within as we learn more about life, ourselves and each other. It’s not even a question of piling up facts on facts, or of deep and thoughtful analysis. Wisdom is that place where we ‘just know’, without knowing how we know.

Well, Life Epiphanies are very similar. We can’t go out and buy them by the kilo, or the metre. They don’t hang from trees or sit on supermarket shelves in the ‘Epiphanies’ section. Epiphanies come when we sit calmly with a question and let the answer emerge. It can emerge slowly and organically, or it can burst out explosively into our consciousness. Either way, we can’t simply make them happen.

I have no doubt that my friend needs new insight into his career and maybe even needs to make some new decisions. In taking the path to understanding (what’s not working, what else is needed, what needs to change), the Epiphanies will come. Insight will emerge, or explode, into being. Together, we’ll be thinking in terms of a Life Surge but, who knows, maybe it’s time for a complete change in Life Strategy.

So, if you feel you need a step up on life’s ladder, or you’re like my mate and need a ‘Career Epiphany’, why not give us a call? Today.

So, give us a call.

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