Is your career sustainable?

14 Apr
Pensionable Age?  Is your career sustainable?   safe image

Pensionable Age?


Many Governments around the world are discussing the concept of raising the pensionable age to seventy years old. They cite their changing economic climates and their ageing populations as key drivers but there is little discussion about what kind of work will be expected from a senior worker. So my question to you is ‘Can you sustain your career into your seventies?’

Working until 70 will be fine if it’s as an integrated part of overall life. Being an employee at that age would be unlikely, given:

  • Current ageism in most employers minds (despite legislation to the contrary)
  • Reduced earning expectations and realities of workers forced into ‘late career changes’
  • Brutish behavior of employers that talk about ‘awards’, ‘rewards’ and ‘penalties’ for simple remuneration.
  • Most people in salaried employment (i.e. not casual) end up working 50-60 hours per week, not 37, or whatever is contracted.
  • (a typical?) 10 hours commuting per week on top. They have had two careers by the time they reach 65 already.

To employers and government… living until 100 y.o. may add strain to a 1950’s model of work and retirement and may need to bring some adjustments… but that needs to be a two way street. Not even a thoroughbred racehorse can run flat out indefinitely. They need to be cared for across their entire life if they are to perform over the long-term. We await to hear about a fully re-engineered work-life cycle strategy before anyone starts asking ‘more for less’ of the older workers.

To individuals, at any age… consider your current working practice. Is it sustainable at current levels until you reach seventy years old? Do you have a ‘step-down’ or ‘tapering’ plan? Have you budgeted for declining remuneration as you age? Can you sustain the physical, emotional and spiritual stresses of work at their current levels?

If the answer to any of these is ‘No’, we should be talking. Let’s start thinking now about getting the life you want… now and in the future. Remember, we need to be able to survive the short-term in order to get to the long term. There is no point in killing yourself in the prospect of a retirement that may never come…

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