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16 Apr
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Get the life you want…

   Hospitality Manager  

I’ve just begun a new career at the age of 56. It’s a great challenge and I’m so excited by it.

This assessment has pointed out that life is more just my job and I need to re-consider all the other aspects of my life.

For too long my life has been dragged down by my job – living apart from my family, low performance, crappy attitude, exhaustion and perhaps touching on slight depression.

My job will make things better but the Epiphanies Life Assessment shows me that I need to change on so many other levels too. I do have a new life out there – waiting to be grabbed and I will. I know I am going to change all this,  perhaps even sooner than I think.

The rewards are limitless and yes I will.

Thank you so much for this insight.

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