Get Happiness: Introduction

21 May
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Get Happiness: Get the life you want…

Happiness is presented as some illusive and mystical truth and there are thousands of gurus, books, videos, schools, institutes, philosophies and religions that seek to tell you what happiness is. In truth, there are as many kinds of happiness as there are people on this Earth. So, the team at Epiphanies know that trying to define it in your terms is a meaningless task.

Instead, this short series of articles will focus on what happy people do, rather than what happiness actually is. Our aim is to give you some insight to the attitudes and behaviours of ‘happy people’ and to let you figure out for yourself what it all means to you. What’s more, these articles will lay out the facts as we understand them; we won’t try to make a value judgment of the ‘rightness’ of the attitudes and behaviors of happy people, it’s simply what tends to work for them. Some ideas will sit easily with you, others may challenge you and you may reject some completely. That’s OK. We’re talking about your happiness, in your terms, and you will decide what can work for you and what might take some extra effort. Some ideas may simply be too far ‘out there’ for you today.

We’ve read the books and watched the videos. We’ve listened to the gurus and looked at the religions and we’ve found some consistent themes that run through what it is the happy people do. We have distilled these down to only four groups of ideas that seem to be consistent across all the literature and tally with our own experience, here, at Epiphanies:

  1. Be your own kind of happy
  2. Be yourself
  3. Be what you are now
  4. Be dynamic

It sounds too simple, too easy or too trite… but that’s the whole point about happiness! It isn’t complicated or intricate. BEING happy, however, may take some practice. No-one said it was easy. Often, being happy is more about NOT doing the things that make us unhappy and simply letting happiness fill the vacuum you create. Happiness happens when you let it in.

Get ready to explore your path to ‘happy’. Start with these three actions right now:

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