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29 May
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Doing what I want to be doing

Thank You Epiphanies. I’ve certainly had my share of successes through your Life Strategy Programme. I am already achieving and doing what I want to do. I am more organized and busier and yet at another level I have much more productive time but also plenty of social time. Life is so much more fulfilling when I’m doing what I want to be doing.

Our weekly Skype sessions were full of revelations (Epiphanies! indeed) and my coach helped me steer from large life themes into the specifics of doing what I want to be doing. It’s been a joy finally to be able to hone down my ideas and clarify exactly what I want. My coach never pushed me but let me to discover my own truths. I have felt in control all the way.

Following through on goals (starting, keeping going and finishing everything) has been a real challenge for me all of my life. When I’m motivated, I get things done fairly spontaneously. When the motivation stops (and the slightest hiccup can trigger that) I lose interest and it takes me months to get motivated again. I’m also quick to quit once I reach the first goal I was going for. So it’s great for me to be doing what I want to do, and sticking with it.

  1. For years, I had worried about how I was relating with my aging parents and within three weeks I had sorted out a solution that we’re all happy with.
  2. I have procrastinated about a career decision for a year and, within five weeks of starting the programme, I had done it.
  3. My motivation for keeping fit and eating well was in a phrase, “below zero”. By week seven I had taken positive action in both areas. Now the modules are over, my previous Skype time has been given over to a new coach, a personal trainer to support my fitness goals.

I would never have done these things so quickly and so directly before. I feel great by what I am achieving, already, and to be doing what I want to be doing. The plans and goals from my life strategy now sit above my computer are gradually getting ticks against it. The sense of achievement is fantastic and each ‘win’ spurs me on to my next set of goals. I have a timetable for the next few years and I just know I’ll continue doing what I want to be doing.

I’m so grateful for Epiphanies help and delighted with the results we’ve achieved together. I’m already recommending them to my colleagues and friends.

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