Ready to Engage with Life

14 Jun
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Ready to engage with life

Ready to Engage with Life Before this programme I thought that I was a successfully functioning individual within the workplace but I had restricted my social interaction after years of disappointment and emotional abuse both at home and in the workplace. I had shut down and had forgotten how to enjoy life. I was simply functioning on a daily basis. Minute to minute. I was a little scared and sceptical to start the Epiphanies programme because I didn’t want to revisit bad memories I had managed to successfully bury deep inside. I knew however that if I was to navigate the next 40 years of my life I would have to break the mould and be brave. At first I found it difficult and emotionally draining to identify all my milestones but after that it got easier. I am always one for leaving things until the last minute then being overwhelmed and stressed, but now I find myself breaking things into small bitesize chunks and completing my tasks. I have now built up a support network around me for open discussion and motivation. I have started going out socially again and although I am far from sharing my home with a significant other, I am open to the possibility. Last week I made it to my school reunion after 30 years of doubt and insecurity. Scared beforehand, I went regardless and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was liberating to have open and frank discussion with my friends where previously I had portrayed a lie. With my honesty and new found willingness to engage, it amazed and embarrassed me when my classmates said they found me an inspiration at how I could offer so much to those I support and that they valued having me in their lives. Two years ago I would have been lucky to set foot out of the door or even reply to my invitation. I can’t pinpoint the exact part of the Epiphanies programme that has helped me, as I think it was the entire process that gradually crept into my mindset. What I can definitely say is that, where I previously dragged around my baggage which acted as an anchor, I now feel I have drawn a line in the sand and am ready to engage with life… to engage with my future. Child Welfare Services Leader: Ready to engage with life

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