Testimonial : Life Builder Continuity Service

29 Jul
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Testimonial : Life Builder Continuity Service

Testimonial : Life Builder Continuity Service

The Epiphanies Life Builder Continuity Service is a very useful support as I move towards getting the life I want. I completed the Epiphanies Life Strategy Programme several months ago and have been working steadily on the plan that we created together.

In just a few months I have completed most of the short-term goals I set myself and the longer-term ones are now well underway and making progress. Although we only meet every two or three weeks I take great comfort and motivation from the regular check-in and discussion of my activity. It’s a great support and encouragement to keep me going.

I am finding that the ‘Structure’ of having major goals and tasks in my calendar keeps me on track and lets me know what I’m doing each day/week. So I maintain the momentum, without being overwhelmed.

I don’t like to be told… given targets… and, in this plan, I have set my own targets. It gives me a sense of proportion and I retain the right to say ‘I can’t be bothered right now’ or ‘I’m going out with my mates tonight.’ I know immediately what the impact of not doing something at the exact moment it’s scheduled and I can make an ‘informed’ decision about postponing it. The plan is there as my guide and I can flex it as I want to. It’s not religion!

Setting the bigger goals up as ‘Projects’ lets me stay aware of the overall goal while I give my focus on the task in hand and then what the next step will be. It makes things clearer in my mind and a lot less stressful. I don’t need to juggle everything in my head and I can forget about future tasks as I get on with living life in the present.

I’m very glad I decided to take up with the Life Builder Follow-On service and keep my relationship going with my Epiphanies Life Coach. I am convinced that I would not have achieved so much, with such little stress, if I didn’t have this ongoing support by my side. I am delighted to recommend Epiphanies and my personal Life Coach trhough this testimonial.

Are you ready some big changes in your life or career? Here are three actions you can take right now.

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Take the lesson in this testimonial; decide what life you want, plan how you’re going to get there and make it happen. Get the life you want… Begin by deciding that it’s your time; time to make big changes.

This testimonial is provided by a Health Services Director, recently completed Epiphanies Life Strategy programme. See that testimonial here

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