Happiest I’ve Ever Been

26 Dec
Happiest Ever. Centennial Parklands Labyrinth happiest Happiest I’ve Ever Been Chartres Cathedral labyrinth design
Happiest Ever. Centennial Parklands Labyrinth

 I’m the Happiest I’ve Ever Been…

Today, I took a meditative walk around the new Labyrinth in Sydney’s Centennial Parklands and feel completely recharged. Labyrinths are an ancient device and appear in many, many cultures. Unlike mazes, they are intended to help you FIND yourself, not to get lost. So, off I went slowly pacing around the snaking path, trying hard to keep my balance at such a slow pace. Trying too, to keep my feet within the black lines and on the white stone path. That simple physical balancing act is enough to take you out of your head and into your body. Today’s worries slip away and new thoughts, feelings and sensations emerge. For me, today’s walk turned into a metaphor of my life’s journey to date. Broadly in four quadrants, more or less continuous, without interruption. I was saddened to feel long forgotten pain and desolateness reemerge in my heart at the earliest part of the journey. Feelings I had long thought I had put behind me. But I was delighted that, without keeping track, happier phases emerged on cue as I meandered along the path. Without question, I am now the happiest I have ever been… that’s right… EVER… in my whole life. I have no idea how the labyrinth brought me to that realization but I’m delighted it did. I’ve known the truth of that statement for most of this year and a little before, but it’s easy to forget.When I turned the last bend in the labyrinth’s tortured path, and I headed towards the centre, Wow!  I felt an overwhelming sense of joy. From being suicidally depressed, only a few short years ago, to being this fulfilled and happy is an amazing turnaround… my ‘renaissance’. It took careful planning and steadfast action but I have achieved big things.

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