Ageism: Not for Quitting

19 Aug

Ageism: Not for Quitting

Career Strategy

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50’s not for quitting

By the time we’ve reached 50, most men have had their share of advances, breakthroughs and knockbacks … and we’re still here. Of all the prejudices that exist in the workplace today, ageism stands apart.

You see, we’ve already been successful. We”ve tasted success and we’ve learned to fight for what we hold dear. Ageism comes to us late in the day and we already have all of our back teeth. This isn’t about blocking opportunity, it’s about removing it. Removing it from US! Go on, let them try!

If you’re beginning to see it at play in your workplace, or are even beginning to experience it, it’s time to step back, take stock and make some decisions. That’s where the Epiphanies Career Strategy comes in. Simply give me a call here or check the Career Strategy service here.

Career Strategy

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