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Mike Gordon

Introducing Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon is the Founder of Epiphanies Life Strategy & Coaching and its Director of Coaching.

I founded the practice after more than 30 years in the corporate world where I’d been an Executive Coach, Global Business Consultant and Global Marketing Director. My work has taken me all around the world but principally in UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

You’ll find that I’m fundamentally a strategic thinker with a strongly intuitive spirit. I work with clients in a structured and orderly manner but blend this with a deep sense of compassion, care and intuition. Peoples’ problems and challenges are never quite what they seem on the surface and I care enough to get to the truth of the situation. I’ve always believed that “If you don’t know what’s broken, you don’t know what to fix”.  As a strong advocate of evidence-based coaching, you’ll often hear me respond “Don’t just tell me… Show me”.

Mike Gordon’s own story of ‘Renaissance’

I will never ask you to do the impossible. I may be tough at times but I’ll always be supportive. I work with a confidence and with a conviction in the ‘art of the possible’. Why? Because I’ve done it for myself.

A few years ago, I was in a dark and dangerous place. Deeply depressed, I often entertained fatalistic and suicidal thoughts. I planned my demise several times and I’m still here simply because the Universe had decided it wasn’t my time to leave. And that’s when I had my first epiphany. It simply said “OK Mate, if you’re not gonna to die just yet… you’re damn well gonna make a go of this living thing!” That was my call to action and so my renaissance began and the epiphanies started to come.

I sat down and figured out what I needed to do to get a life that was at least tolerable and hopefully desirable. Within a few weeks, I had realized that my whole self was multi-facetted and the concept of five bodies emerged. Each was broken and would need repair and rebalancing. Already I was talking like a strategic programme manager and the programme was me in my own life . Assess, Design, Build, Run… I knew how to build stuff, and to make big changes… even if I didn’t know about the content within it. So, after lots of research, professional help, study and self practice, I have emerged a whole, balanced and HAPPY person, probably for the first time in my life. My journey to wellbeing has been a progression of one ‘epiphany’ after another. Insight, clarity and learning, day on day. For sure, I am the happiest I’ve ever been..

Epiphanies is based on my own experience and learning and I’m delighted to be offering it to you and to the world.

Mike Gordon’s Philosophy of Coaching

After years of soul searching I have discovered that my ‘Greater Life Purpose’ can be summed up as “I help people get the life they want.” Sounds simple but it holds a wealth of strength and responsibility within it.

  1. Coaching is all about results. If we’re going to get the life we want, we need to know what that is and recognise when we’re achieving it. I know that being able to identify, and reach, success is key to any coaching relationship
  2. Transformation requires Change…. and change is scary! My philosophy towards transformation, and change, is to change only that which needs changing. Keep hold and build upon what’s already good in your life. Then fill in the parts that are missing. Make every change purposeful and it immediately becomes a ‘risk worth taking’.
  3. The Power of Tiny Changes. Change doesn’t come all at one or over night. Change happens one tiny step at a time. It’s about changing beliefs, in yourself and the world. It’s about changing the ‘story’ you tell yourself about you and your world. It’s about changing old, damaging behaviors for new and healthy ones. It’s about building up new habits and that takes time and patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day… and neither will you be
  4. Coaching is about the future. Of course, the future is informed by the past and founded on the present. So our history is only valuable in the parts we want to retain. If it’s not serving our future life, then it’s time to learn the lessons and then let the past go. Understanding that we need to be informed by our past is very different to believing that we need to keep on living it.
  5. We are all ‘WHOLE” People: Our make-up is complex and varies in detail from person to person. But there are 5 fundamental ‘Bodies’ that we inhabit and that contribute to our whole self. These are Physical, Sexual, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual. If we’re going to have the life we want then all five bodies need to be in balance and harmony. Don’t be surprised if I’m as keen to know about how you ‘feel’ as about what you think or do.
  6. Helping is not Doing: I will not seek to live your life for you, nor tell you how to live it yourself. My ‘help’ comes in the form of open, free and frank discussion. It’s about seeking evidence and tuning into feelings. It may include some exercises to work on in your own time or exploring ideas and emotions together. I want YOU to have the life YOU want and I’ll help you “Assess, Design, Build and Run” your own life, the way YOU want it to be.

 So, if you can take any inspiration from my story or you are ready to get the life YOU want simply contact Mike Gordon here


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