Take Responsibility Kindly

14 Feb

Take Responsibility Kindly: We are each responsible for our own happiness. In fact, you may already have read my guide to getting happiness in my free eBook “Get Happiness” (available here). However, our happiness also depends on the way that we take responsibility. I’ve just recently had a great reminder that it’s important to take responsibility …

Career Resilience 2: Linear Careers

27 Jun
Career resilience: Linear Careers

Career Resilience 2: Linear Careers Before we dive into the concept of career resilience any further, let’s first figure out if we have, or even want a career. The dictionaries have a variety of definitions of the word ‘career’ but I suspect there are as many definitions out there as are there are people trying to …

Career resilience 1: Introduction

24 Jun
Career Resilience: Colleagues Bottom Line

 Career Resilience 1: Introduction We often come across the term Career Resilience and just as often it makes us shudder. Deep down we know that if we’re doing something we love and that fulfils us we don’t need to be ‘resilient’. Life is good and moves along nicely when we are fulfilled. So, why is it that an …

Get Happiness: Be Happy Now

02 Jun
Get Happiness: Be Happy Now

Be Happy Now We’ve all said it…‘I’ll be happy when…” (fill in your own blank). There are lots of options: “When…I have a partner, I have a better job, the kids leave for college, I win the lottery, I’ve had a drink, or I can afford the Ferrari…” Well, these things may give you some …

Get Happiness: Be Yourself

28 May
Epiphanies Life Strategy Programme

Get Happiness: Be Yourself In this 2nd article in the “Get Happiness” series, we will examine what it means to look after your own happiness first. So let’s look at how happy people focus on their own well-being first and foremost and how they get happiness. Happy People do things because they want to do …