Life-Surge: Quick Wins Coaching Service

 Quick Wins Coaching Service

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Quick Wins: For Life’s Little Hurdles

Sometimes we have unplanned situations in life, even our new lives, that need speedy resolution. We need the ‘quick wins’. Life’s road bumps may not be complete ‘show stoppers’ but they do need immediate attention to keep our transformation on track and to maintain momentum in our transition to the life we want. In these cases our overall plan may be working well but the specifics are getting out of line. The quick wins may be as simple as getting us back on track, or maybe adjusting the overall plan in places.  Epiphanies ‘Life Surge’ Services are short-term life coaching sessions, designed for just such situations.

The Epiphanies Life-Surge Service offers short-term programmes and life coaching consultations that have a highly focussed agenda. Typically, they will focus on a specific circumstance and zero in on its causes and potential resolutions. The Epiphanies Life-Surge Service is designed to get to resolution and remedy quickly. We anticipate that a typical resolution will be in place and being actioned in less than 90-days. The specific format of the life coaching in the Epiphanies Life-Surge Service will depend directly upon, and be tailored to, the nature of the Life Surge in play with each client.

It may include some, or all of the  following:

  •  a structured assessment consultation that will clarify and ‘de-fuse’ the specific ‘Life Surge’ situation
  • focused investigations to highlight the key issues and drivers in the situation
  • remediation planning to agree the best way to reach a resolution and to identify the ‘quick wins’
  • detailed action and resource planning to take us beyond quick wins to final resolution
  • progress reviews to track action, manage roadblocks and achieve outcomes in getting to a resolution
  • wrap-up and ‘lessons learned’ consultation to clarify the context within the ‘bigger picture’ of your life

Wherever possible Epiphanies Life Coaching will endeavour to provide continuity with any existing Epiphanies Coach you may already have been working with.

If you find yourself in one of those ‘Life Surge’ moments, where things have the danger of getting out of control, don’t delay. Get your quick wins as soon as you can.

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