Life Builder: Expert Life Coaching Follow-up Service

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Life Builder: Follow-Up Life Coaching. Keep the progress going!

At the end of the Epiphanies Life Strategy Programme you will have a developed a clear vision of what you want your life to be and how you’re going to get there. Epiphanies recognises that change is difficult and we often need support to maintain the pace of change: commitment can drop off, today’s life pressures can get in the way, and circumstances can change. The Epiphanies Life-Builder: Follow-up service offers life coaching to help you on your way towards your goals and the to get the life you want.

Some of our Epiphanies Life-Builder clients come to us directly, with their own plan, and are looking for support in maintaining the momentum. Others have worked with an alternative coach but are not receiving the focused follow-up to help maintain their direction and momentum. The Epiphanies Life-Builder: Follow-up Service is perfect for these situations.

Epiphanies is committed to you achieving your vision and offers the Epiphanies Life-Builder: Follow-up Service to help you stay on track and reach your life goals. Before diving straight into life coaching sessions, we’ll begin with a review of the plan you have developed and have been working to. Between us, we may identify areas of improvement in the plan and set these in motion as the expert life coaching work gets underway.

. At these sessions, you and your Epiphanies Coach will:

  • Review the LifeReview the Life Strategy you’re working towards
  • Review progress to date in your transition to the life you want
  • Identify potential hurdles and roadblocks on your path
  • Explore potential ways around or through those roadblocksand with any new actions you may require.
  • Review outcomes in your transformation

Life Builder: Expert Life Coaching Follow-up Service consultations will be agreed between you and your Epiphanies coach at the end of an earlier Epiphanies Life Strategy Programme, if that’s how we started.

The  Expert Life Coaching sessions will be held on an agreed timetable that could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Typically, they will be face-to-face consultations 0f between 60-90 minutes duration. They can be provided remotely, via Skype, if preferred.

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